Alberich Erdgeist

Changeling Geomancer who runs an antique/mining themed coffee shop



  • High Concept: Dwarven Born Geomancer
  • Trouble: The Winter Court is Trying to Recruit Me
  • Other Aspects:
    -Too Honest For My Own Good
    -Sanctuary For Any Who Ask
    -Bargain with the Autumn Court
    -Can’t Say No To A Friend In Need
    -Underground Railroad


  • Superb Discipline
  • Great Conviction, Lore
  • Good Contacts, Empathy, Endurance
  • Average Investigation, Alertness, Athletics, Presence
  • Fair Fists, Driving, Might, Craftsmanship, Rapport

Supernatural Powers [-7 Refresh]

  • Supernatural Sense [-1] (See through earth)
  • Inhuman Toughness [-2]
  • Inhuman Recovery [-2]
  • Catch: Standard Fae [+3]
  • Chanelling: Geomancy [-2]
  • Refinement: Chanelling [-1]
    o Power: Earth +1
    o Control: Earth +1
  • Ritual: Geomancy [-2]

Magic Items

  • Metal Banded Work Gloves (Earth Focus: +1 offensive power)
  • Metal Studed Boots (Earth Focus: +1 defensive power and control)
  • Eyebrow Ring (Enchanted Item: Armour)
  • 1 Potion slot

Rote Spells

This spell creates a grvitational field around an enemy. Al uses his gloves to aid in casting this spell.

This is Al’s standard earth attack. It causes pillars of stone to shoot up from the ground. Al uses his gloves to aid in casting this spell.

This is Al’s standard earth block. It calls up a wall of stone to shield him and may be shaped as needed. Al uses his boots to aid in casting this spell.

This spell causes the ground to turn to a wet, sucking marsh. Al uses his gloves to aid in casting this spell.


Alberich Erdgeist is the owner of a mining themed coffee shop called The Under Grounds where Shani Grey is the head Barista.

Phase 1: Background: Where did you come from?

Alberic, known by most as “Al” or “Albert”, grew up poor. He and his mother lived mostley in poorly maintained trailer parks and rundown apartment buildings. They even lived on the street for a short time. It wasn’t an easy life. Al was always the shortest kid in his class and he often got into fights over it. His mother rarely talked about his father. She would only say that he treated her well, but left when Al was still a baby. Sometimes, if she was drunk or thought he wasn’t listening, she would mention some strange things about his father.

Aspect: I’m Just Short for My Height
Changed to: Too Honest For My Own Good.

Phase 2: Rising Conflict: What shaped you?

In his early teens, Al started to notice the supernatural. During a rare raodtrip/vacation to the ghost town Kennicot Mines. He quickly learned that it was far from uninhabited, and not all the residents were benign. A particularly nasty creature found him while he was exploring the mines, and chased him deeper and deeper under the earth unitl he fell and broke his leg. He was found and rescued by some friendly earth spirits who took him to their home and sheltered him from the creature. He lived with them while his leg healed and for a while after. They taught him about his fairy heritage and the magic of geomancy. Later, as an adult, Alberich set up a coffee shop called ‘ The Under Grounds’ where anyone from the supernatural community could come to find refuge or help.

Aspect: Sanctuary For Any Who Ask

Phase 3: The Story: What was your first adventure?

Establishing The Under Grounds
After helping Glory Anna White to thwart Istaevan, the Lord of the Silver Storms when he kidnapped a member of the Autumn Court, the Winter Court representantive showed up one day in Alberich’s coffee shop. He had been impressed by Al’s control of earth magic. He offered him a deal; Istaevan would forget his grudge for Al’s part in ruining his plans if Al would join him in the Winter Court. Alberich of course refused and Istaevan offered him a second deal, “Join the Winter Court, or we will have to think of more inventive ways to convince you.”
Alberich went to the new local Warden Zachary Dean for help. Zachary offered to be a sponsor to have the ‘ The Under Grounds’ accorded as neutral teritory. Alberich gratefully accepted. With Glory of the Spring Court as a second sponsor, he only needed one more to become official. Al called on Jacob to help him fend off the winter court while he went looking for a third sponsor. Eventually, he ended up making a bargain with Oberon, the king of the Autumn Court himself, to be the final sponsor. In exchange for the sponsorship, Alberich agreed to do three tasks for the Autumn King. Al bargained that he may say no to any tasks without fear of punishment from Oberon, but until the tasks are complete, all Fairies of the Autumn Court get free coffee at the Under Grounds.

Aspect: Bargain with the Autumn Court

Phase 4: Guest Starring: Whose path have you crossed?

Guest Starring in: Silver Spring
When Glory Anna White’s half-dryad friend goes missing, Alberich uses his connections in the supernatural community to help track her down. Eventually she is freed from the clutches of the Lord of the Silver Storms, but Al has now come to the notice of a powerful foe.

Aspect: Can’t Say No To A Friend In Need

Phase 5: Guest Starring: Whose else’s path have you crossed?

Guest Starring in: White Haze
When Alberich notices Gregor Stroganov hanging around the dangerous White Court vampires he knows something is terribly wrong. He helps Gregor escape and together with Lars Olson they set up a safehouse where he can recover from their debilitating influence.

Aspect: Underground Railroad

Alberich Erdgeist

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