Felix Tanner

A Bast-Blessed Man


While intended to be used as an NPC, this character could easily be turned into a PC. Also, it can serve as an idea of how to mix stunts and powers.

Great: Alertness, Athletics, Weapons
Good: Burglary, Contacts, Stealth
Fair: Deceit, Driving, Endurance, Investigation
Average: Lore, Might, Performance, Presence, Rapport, Survival

Mortal Stunts [-3 Refresh]

  • Good Arm: Thrown weapons normally have a range of only one zone. With this stunt that range extends to two zones.
  • Juggler: Throwing deadly items around is just par for the course for you. Catching them is, too. Even bare-handed, you may use your Weapons skill to defend against a thrown attack, allowing you to catch the item if you succeed on the defense. In addition, you may use your Weapons skill instead of Performance in order to entertain an audience with your juggling.
  • Riposte: On a successful defense with Weapons, you may sacrifice your next action to turn that defense into an immediate and automatically successful attack. Your attacker must be within range of your weapon, and if you’re mounting a full defense (YS 199) you do not get the benefit of the +2 bonus when your defense roll converts to an attack roll.

Supernatural Powers [-5 Refresh]

  • Cloak of Shadows [-1]
  • Echoes of the Beast: Cat [-1]
  • Inhuman Speed [-2]
  • Marked by Power [-1]
  • Wizard’s Constitution [-0]

High Concept: A Bast-Blessed Man
Trouble: Curious Mind, Wandering Heart
Other Aspects: ‘I know a guy.’; Finder of Lost Things; Showman;


Born in 1913, Felix grew up in a traveling carnival. He learned acrobatics and juggling at an early age. When he was eight he noticed an ugly short man (goblin) tormenting a cat. Grabbing a nearby wrench, he drove off the wretch and saved the cat. As this was a descendant of a temple cat, Bast took notice of his action and blessed him.

Felix live a wanderer’s life not aging past his mid-twenties. He served in World War 2 but avoided all the wars since as war is a mug’s game. In 2000 he made his way to Anchorage, Alaska and settled in. Something here drew his attention.

Now working more or less legit, he is a private investigator. Usually he subcontracts out his services as a sneak and on-site researcher.

Felix Tanner

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