Glory Anna White


High Concept: Changeling Knight of Spring
Trouble: Leap before I Look

Other Aspects: Friends in Fae Places; Sword of Spring Breezes; Never Shut Up, Never Surrender; Looking for Trouble; Strong Head, but a Soft Heart

Superb: Discipline
Great: Conviction, Presence
Good: Lore, Rapport, Weapons
Fair: Alertness, Athletics, Endurance, Resources
Average: Contacting, Drive, Empathy, Performance, Stealth

Supernatural Powers[-9 Refresh]
• Wings [-1]
• Glamours [-2]
• Fey Constitution [-0]
• Marked by Power [-1]
• Spring Magic [-4]
• Item of Power: Sword of Spring Breezes [-1]


Phase 1
Glory was born in Northern California. She was raised by her grandparents, who told her that her mother had died after giving birth. Her grandparents were fanatic fundamentalists, who gave the child the name of Glory-Be-Unto-God. As she grew, her hair changed from blond to pale blue, and her grandparents took this to be proof the she was a cursed child. When her wings began to appear, she used her fledgling glamour powers to hide them, fearing they would try to remove them.

Their house was located outside of a small town, on the edge of a deep woods. As a child, her grandparents told her to stay out of the forest, for it was the home of demons. Naturally, Glory took every opportunity she could to disobey them, and loved wandering in the forest, where she found no demons, but a host of lesser Fae, who seemed to delight in playing with the young changeling.

Aspect: Friends in Fae Places

Phase 2
When she was 15, Glory had had enough of the constant preaching and punishment, and decided to run away. She stopped in the wrong part of a small town, and wound up unconscious and kidnapped. She awoke tied up in a basement.

The shack she was trapped in was located on the edge of the Spring Court’s territory. Some of the Little Folk heard her and brought news of her predicament to the King, who offered Glory a bargain: her freedom in exchange for her service. Seeing little alternative, she agreed. He brought her to the heart of his court, and made her his Knight.

Aspect: Sword of Spring Breezes

Phase 3: “Silver Spring”
When Glory learns that her friend, the half-dryad Juliette, has gone missing, she heads to Anchorage to find her. Searching, she finds that Juliette was taken by Istaevan, the Lord of Silver Storms, a Winter Court noble, as part of a plan to control the Autumn Court. To save her friend, Glory must confront the Lord of Silver Storms, but can she succeed when she discovers the truth: that it is not Autumn, but Spring he seeks, and she herself is the key to his plan?
Guest Stars: Alberich Erdgeist, Zachary Dean

Aspect: Never Shut Up, Never Surrender

Phase 4 Guest Starring in “A New Moon”
While out one night, Glory came across Lars being amushed by Black Court minions. Recognizing what they were, she jumped in to help Lars. After they’d fought off the attackers, Lars called William Aaronson to look after his wife, and then he and Glory retreated to the NeverNever to give him time to rest and formulate a counterattack.

Aspect: Looking for Trouble

Phase 5: Guest Starring in “The Sword of Dean”
When Zachary plans his attack, he comes to Glory for help. She was intially reluctant, given the nature of their first encounter. But when he told her his family story, and that some of the items stolen were gifts from his grandfather, she found that she couldn’t refuse him.

Aspect: Strong Head, but a Soft Heart

Glory Anna White

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