Gregor Stroganov

Wizard, and immortal servant of the Traveler


Name: Gregor Stroganov, the Immortal

High Concept: Immortal Wizard bound to the Traveler
Trouble: Son: Alec the White Court Virgin
Other Aspects : Insatiable thirst to discover new things, Serene in the Sithen, Trouble comes in three’s, Back to Back Against the night and Days of Yore

1 Superb: Lore
2 Great:Discipline, Conviction
3 Good: Endurance, Performance (Story Telling), Resources
4 Fair: Scholarship, Presence, Contacts, Investigation
5 Average: Rapport, Stealth, Deceit, Athletics, Alertness
Supernatural Powers: Refresh -9
• Evocation -3
• Thaumaturgy -3
• The Sight -1
• Soulgaze -0
• Inhuman Recovery -2
• Catch +1 (Can be harmed normally by natural weapons)
• Touched by Power -1 (The Traveler)

• Evocation
○ Elements: Air, Water and Spirit
○ Power: Air +1
• Thaumaturgy
○ Divination: Complexity Bonus +1
Magic Items:

Focus Item

Celestine Orb (Stone the size of a baseball left hand)
Air Focus +1 Defense Control
Aquamarine Orb (Stone the Size of a Baseball right hand)
Water Focus +1 Offensive power

Enchanted Items

Merevaik Amulet (The Amber Stone in this necklace has a fossilized insect)
This item creates a yellow shaded force screen
Armor 2, 2 uses per session

Vesi Shot Mother of Pearl Ring
(This item shoots a highly pressurized blast of water. It can be use as a thin blast that cuts or a large blast that knocks the opponent away.)
Weapon 4, 2 Uses per session

Välk Shot Copper Ring
(This Item Shoots a lightning bolt.)
Weapon 5, 1 use per session

1 Potion Slot

Rote Spell

(Glaring Lights)
Pimestav Valgus
Taking a deep breath, Gregor expels a great cloud of shimmering motes of light into the area. These lights swirl and streak about and begin to strobe with flashes of brilliance. They seem to align themselves with an enemy’s field of vision before pulsing brilliantly; blinding Gregor’s foes, or fouling their aim, and in some cases disorienting them completely. Though beautiful to behold, these prismatic fireflies are a valuable tool in any conflict.

Type Spirt Evocation, Manuver
Power: 6 Shift (3 for effect, 1 for extended duration, 2 for wide effect)
Control: Rote Discipline 4, or Roll Discipline
Target: Every person within single zone
Opposed by : Target’s Athletics or Discipline
Effect: The target has the sticky aspect Dazed and Confused

(Wind Tunnel)
Pööris Kilp
Gregor uses his connection to the Traveler, and his own not insubstantial magics, to create a shuddering vortex the size of a gold ball. This vortex consumes all matter and energy that is directed towards Gregor, expelling the remains to some random location in the NeverNever.

Type: Wind Evocation, Defensive Block
Power: 5 Shifts (4 Block, 1 extended)
Control: Rote Discipline Plus Focus Orb
Duration: Two Exchange
Effect: Creates a tunnel of wind that sucks everything that approches into a golf ball sized hole in to the NeverNever.
Variation: This can be used as a 4 weapon if directed upon a single foe. It causes a crushing effect as it try to squish the opponent through to the NeverNever.)

Vesi Kõne

Reaching out his hands and bending his will to the task, Gregor calls forth the water within the targets body. Liquid streams forth from his foe’s pores, eyes, nose, mouth, and any other orifice, coalescing in a sphere between Gregor’s hands. The sphere continues to rotate softly, condensing all of the liquid called forth into a tiny ball, until the target is a weeping husk, or Gregor chooses to cease.

Type: Water Evocation, Attack
Power: Variable (Unless Rote) Rote 5
Control: Roll Discipline or 4 automatic
Target: One target in line-of-sight, inflicting physical stress.
Duration: One Action
Opposed by: Target’s Endurance skill, magical blocks, or some other skill as determined in play.

(Cyclone Cage)
Keeristorm Puur
Gregor summons forth the Keeristorm Puur to bind his enemies. A vortex of air and force swirls around them, locking them into place and lifting them off of the ground slightly. Bound by chains of wind and force, the eye of this storm is not a safe place to be.

Type: Air Evocation. Maneuver
Power: Variable (Unless Rote) 5 Shifts Rote (4 effect, 1 extend duration)
Control: Roll Discipline plus appropriate specialization and focus items. 4 Control Rote
Duration: Two exchanges
Opposed by: Targets Athletics
Effect: if the spell hits, the target has the sticky Trapped in a Cyclone aspect applied.

Maagiline Maru

When Gregor calls forth the power of the Maagiline Maru, a broiling cloud filled with energy expands outward from above his head. Within this cloud, eldritch energy coils and snaps, ready to strike his foes with bolts of electricity and blind them with flashes of power. A harsh wind swirls around him, impregnated with ice and snow, flensing his enemies flesh and coating the area with a treacherous skin of rime.

Type: Air and Water Evocation offensive
Opposed by:


Friday, February 25, 2011
8:23 PM

Phase 1

Gregor Stroganov was born to a minor Russian Noble Family in 1715 A.D.. He grew up with the tales of Victor Bering exploring the Kamechtka Peninsula. He studied all of the major European explorers but Bering was his hero. The need to see the world and discover new things burned in his blood from these tales. Thus in when Bering Built up the Second Kamechtka Exploration, which was going to be one of the biggest and grandest exploration’s of that time, Gregor was one of the first to join up.

Aspect: Insatiable thirst to discover new things.

Phase 2

Having been assigned a birth to the St. Paul Gregor believed served as on of the record keepers for the voyage. As such when the St. Paul became the first ship to sight land off the northwest coast of America, he was the first person volunteer to go ashore to explorer, and he was unfortunate enough to have been selected.

Twelve men went aboard the skiff to be the first to land on the westward site of this unexplored island. And when they did not return twelve more did venture forth. After they to failed to report the Captain of the St Paul chose the better part of Valor and sailed on east ward leaving his crew to whatever fate had befallen them.

Back on the island Gregor awoke in a dusty cave with his crew mate unconscious around him. It seemed the island had already been occupied by a capricious fay known as The Traveler. The long ago the Traveler had been tricked in to limiting where and how he could enter the mortal world. Being a fay he is compelled by his nature and as such longs to explorer all things and as such has explored the Nevernever in away that none of the rest of his kind has. But he longs to explore the ever changing mortal world and he cannot. He can only enter it on one island. The Island Gregor and his crew mates hand unwittingly blundered.

The Traveler driven by his nature sought knowledge from his newly captured mortals. Each night he would come to the cave and provide food for the captives and ask one of them to tell him a story. Each night when the tale failed to entertain him he would kill the story teller in some new and gruesome way. After twenty three nights Gregor sat alone in the cave. After his meal the Fay turned to Gregor and asked him to tell him a tale. Drawing from his knowledge of his tory and the tales of the major explorers of his times Gregor told the Traveler story after story of exotic Mortal locations. He told his tales for three days and nights.

When he could talk no more he fell silent and awaited his fate. The Traveler turned to him and said, “Your tales buy you a boon from me. What do you wish?” Normally Gregor as any well educated person of his time would have known better than to answer that questions. Bu t he was tired and worn form his ordeal and so he blurted, “I want to live!”

And the Traveler smiled and answered him thusly, “Then in payment for your tales of the mortal world, which I bind you to return and tell me of every 50 mortal years. I grant you immortality, you shall not die from old age though with out some risk your tales my not be worth while. So you shale fear the strike of natures hand be it fist or tooth, though will recover from all wounds done by weapon or magic as long as your heart still beats.”

With that there was a boom and a flash and the pact was made. Gregor was immortal and bound to live his life and see the world. To report back to the Traveler on this island ever 50 mortal years. The fay also having felt Gregor’s gift for magic gave him the basic training so he could travel and survive in the Nevernever.

Aspect: Serene in the Sithen

Phase 3 Staring in White Haze

When the immortal Wizard Gregor Stroganov falls in to the hands of the despair eating Madison Skavis he must escape or have his soul consumed. But can he muster up the will when he finds out she is pregnant with his first child he has ever conceived in over 200 years of life?

Enslaved and lacking the will to escape from Madison, Gregor was bound to remain by her side until he was completely consumed. His friend Alberich Erdgeist saw him on the news one day hang on the arm of the White Court Vampire and decided to take action. He used some of his street connections to free Gregor and takes him to a man of faith that he knows in order to put him behind a strong thresh hold.

This man of faith and sometimes wolfLars Olson set Gregor up behind a strong thresh hold where Madison was unable to influence him. Free of her influence Gregor beseeched Lars’s aid for another task, that of helping him rescue his new born son and perhaps being an example of what true hope might look like.

Before he could raise the forces necessary to claim his son, a warden of the White Council arrives and orders him to stay away from the White Court as he was in danger of breaking the accords and drawing them in to another war they are not willing to fight in tandem with the Red Court. Calling upon his oath when he joined up with the White Council and with the promise they would aid him through diplomatic means Gregory has been forced to wait for the proper time to rescue his son. Wait and pray that he is not to late.

Aspect: Trouble Comes in Three

Phase 4 Guest Staring The Sword of Dean

When Gregor finds out that newly arrived Warden, a young man by the name of Zachary Dean, is about to be ambushed by the Black Court he rushes to the rescue. Arriving at the last moment Gregor summons up a mighty windstorm that separates the ambushing forces. Together Gregor and Zachary stand back to back against the beast of the Night. Working on the fly they call up a fire storm that destroys the forces standing against them. The ambushing force fled in to the night with Gregor and Zachary hot in pursuit.

Aspect: Back to back against the night.

Phase 5 Guest Staring Cleansing Restwood

When Gregorheard that Jacobwas looking in to the history of Restwood, he promptly jumped in with his firsthand knowledge of the events. Gregor hand been a friend of William’s great grandfather and knew of the horrid events around Will’s grandmothers death. Having wanted for years to help heal the un-resting spirit house but not having been believed by the previous owners he was unable to act.
Jacob told Gregor that the new owner of the Manor was in town and looking in to its history. Together they went to confront William about this history and set their powers against the dark fay and once and for all putting Adine’s spirit to rest.

Aspect: Days of Yore

Gregor Stroganov

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