Jacob Sakeagak

Focused Practitioner


High Concept: Homeless Inupiaq Shaman
Trouble: Defending a Lost People

(As a major leader amongst the homeless people of Anchorage, it falls to Jacob to protect his people from all sorts of trouble – both mundane and supernatural… sometimes from things his people don’t want to be defended against)


  • Human Form
    o Superb Discipline
    o Great Lore, Endurance
    o Good Conviction, Survival, Presence
    o Fair Alertness, Athletics, Empathy, Stealth
    o Average Craftsmanship, Deceit, Fists, Contacts, Investigation
  • Bear Form
    o Superb Fists, Might
    o Great Alertness, Intimidation
    o Good Athletics, Endurance
    o Fair Discipline, Lore, Survival
    o Average Conviction, Craftsmanship, Empathy, Investigation, Presence
  • Raven Form
    o Superb Alertness, Stealth
    o Great Athletics, Burglary
    o Good Lore, Survival
    o Fair Conviction, Discipline, Presence
    o Average Craftsmanship, , DeceitEmpathy, Endurance, Investigation

Stunts and Supernatural Powers (-9 Refresh)

  • Beast Form: Bear [-1]
    o Inhuman Strength [-2]
    o Claws [-1]
    o Human Form [+1]
  • Beast Form: Raven [-1]
    o Diminutive Size [-1]
    o Wings [-1]
    o Human Form [+1]
  • Thaumaturgy [-3]
  • Soulgaze [-0]
  • Wizard’s Constitution [-0]
  • Ear of the Homeless – +2 to Gathering Information trapping of Contacts when used amongst the homeless community of Anchorage [-1]

Phase 1 (Background): Jacob was born in Barrow, Alaska, where he led as normal a life as growing up in a village would allow until his 16th birthday, when a mysterious wandering elder turned out to be a shaman named Willis Brower, who announced to Jacob and his family that his life was nearing its end, and the spirits had chosen Jacob to be his successor.
Aspect: Fate Damns the Quiet Life.

Phase 2 (Rising Conflict): At 23, when Jacob’s training was complete, Willis died. On his deathbed, he told Jacob to listen to the spirits, that they were telling him where his path would next lead. Jacob meditated intently, and announced that the spirits wanted him to join the Army. Willis smiled and said that this would give him experience with the broader world, which would help him to develop a better understanding. Jacob felt nervous at the prospect of leaving his home, and military life was very hard for him to adapt to, but he traveled the world and, in the process, met practitioners of magic that differed from his traditions, allowing him to broaden his world view.
Aspect: There Are Other Ways Than My Own.

Phase 3 (The Story):
Story Title: White Winter
When Jacob returned to Alaska, he settled in Anchorage. There, he was immediately struck by the plight of the city’s homeless population – a population with a higher proportion of Inupiaq than the statistical norms for the city’s general population. He easily entered this undersociety, where he tried to help elevate not only his Inupiaq relatives, but all the destitute – finding pity in himself for all those down on their luck. It was here where he first discovered the machinations of the White Court in Anchorage, who were running various aid programs to feed on the emotions of the poor and homeless. He discovered a plot they were working behind the scenes to make it more difficult for the homeless to be able to get shelter every night, to increase rhe sense of helplessness amongst the poor ones, but he was able to discover the magical dweomer the vampires were using to fool the city council into doing their bidding and thwart it – allowing his wards to find shelter on the harsh nights of middle winter.
Aspect: Winter’s Harshest Bite.

Phase 4 (Guest Star):
Guest Starring in: Cleansing Restwood (William Aaronson)
Restwood Manor was a beautiful home that had been abandoned for years. There were stories floating amongst the homeless population that something dark and sinister lurked in the abandoned mansion, which piqued Jacob’s curiosity. While checking around to see what was wrong with Restwood, Jacob learned that the heir to the home was in town looking into things. He heard about the mystic attack that happened while William was there, so he got in touch with him to learn what had happened, and to help investigate the matter further. He and the others that had come to the heir’s aid were able to perform a ritual to cleanse the house of the dark fae presence. He learned that he could call William friend, an odd pairing from opposite ends of the social spectrum.
Aspect: Dark Fae’s Bane

Phase 5 (Guest Star):
Guest Starring in: Establishing The Under Grounds (Alberich Erdgeist)
While brokering the deal to establish The Under Grounds as neutral territory, Zachary Dean needed someone to help keep an eye on things to make sure nothing untoward happened before the deal could be closed. He approached Jacob, thinking that the homeless shaman would be an innocuous guardian. Jacob agreed to help, feeling the town needed the neutral ground to help keep the peace. While no major attacks were launched, there were many minor mischiefs aimed at the Under Grounds which Jacob was able to thwart with no-one else being the wiser. His opinion of Al was formed during this time, as Al was kind not only to Jacob but also to his homeless brethren… offering them cups of coffee when the nights grew too cold, and even occasionally giving them the day’s food that he failed to sell.
Aspect: Innocuous on the Street

Jacob Sakeagak

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