Shani Grey, Barista

Coffee Slinging Wiccan Woman



  • High Concept: Wiccan Woman
  • Trouble: On the Run from Herself
  • Other Aspects: A Mean Cuppa Joe; Crush of the Week; Warm Smile


  • Great: Conviction, Performance
  • Good: Empathy, Presence
  • Fair: Athletics, Discipline, Lore
  • Average: Alertness, Driving, Endurance, Rapport, Scholarship

Mortal Stunts

  • Devout Words: The strength of your faith alone allows you to give others pause. You may use your Conviction skill to perform a block in physical conflict, potentially preventing someone from making a conflict action against you.
  • Finely Tuned Third Eye: Your “sixth sense” that can perceive the presence of a supernatural “ick” factor (YS 135) is unusually sensitive. Gain +2 to your Lore whenever using it as an Alertness substitute to pick up on the presence of the supernatural.
  • Occultist (Wiccan Ritualist): Shani is an expert on Wiccan lore. She gains a +1 to Lore when researching things covered by such a topic. Her studies have focused on Wiccan Rituals and she gains an additional +1 (for a total of +2) whenever the research focuses on that narrower area.
  • Read the Surface: You can get a sense of someone quickly when trying to “read” them (YS 129). Your first attempt to read someone takes less than a minute of interaction, instead of the usual ten. Any subsequent efforts with the same person do not enjoy this benefit.
  • Tower of Faith: Strongly held beliefs enable you to protect your mind from the aggression of others. Provided you get a chance to pray or otherwise call upon your faith, gain Armor:1 against any social or mental stress in a scene.

Supernatural Power

  • Emotional Inscribing [-1]

Born and raised in New Orleans, Shani arrived in Anchorage less than two years ago. Broke, homeless, and desperate, she was easy prey for the White Court. Fortunately she encountered Al before things went too far.

With her job at the The Under Grounds, Shani has begun turning her life around. Known for her smile and warm personality she is a favorite of many of the regulars. The people who get close to her, however, get hints at something darker hidden deep beneath the surface.

Shani possesses a minor magical gift. She is able to inscribe emotions into her paintings, drawings, and even into the drinks she makes. These emotions then transfer to those who observe the finished work. She is careful of using this gift as it can cause problems. She has given Al two paintings and a drawing to display in The Under Grounds. Both paintings are inscribed with calm while the drawing is full of happiness.

Shani Grey, Barista

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