Zachary Dean

Handsome Young Warden



  • High Concept: Handsome Young Warden
  • Trouble: A Trusting Young Man
  • Other Aspects: Born to Wealth and Privilege; The Laws Protect Us; The Sword of Dean; Olympic Fencer; Looking Out for the Little Guy


  • Superb: Weapons
  • Great: Conviction, Discipline
  • Good: Athletics, Lore, Presence
  • Fair: Endurance, Investigation, Rapport, Scholarship
  • Average: Alertness, Empathy, Might, Performance, Resources

Mortal Stunt [-1 Refresh]

  • Riposte: On a successful defense with Weapons, you may sacrifice your next action to turn that defense into an immediate and automatically successful attack. Your attacker must be within range of your weapon, and if you’re mounting a full defense (YS 199) you do not get the benefit of the +2 bonus when your defense roll converts to an attack roll.

Supernatural Powers [-8 Refresh]

  • Item of Power: The Sword of Dean [-1]
  • Evocation [-3]
  • Thaumaturgy [-3]
  • The Sight [-1]
    o Soulgaze [-0]
  • Wizard’s Constitution [-0]


  • Evocation
    o Elements: Earth, Fire, and Spirit
    o Power: Fire +1
  • Thaumaturgy
    o Crafting: Strength +1

Magic Items

  • Hematite Ring (Earth Focus: +1 offensive power and control)
  • The Sword of Dean (Fire Focus: +1 offensive control)
  • Bracer (Enchanted Item: Armor 1, duration 3 exchanges, 1 use per session)
  • 1 Potion slot

Rote Spells

Calx Manuum
This spell causes hands of stone to grapple the target’s legs, effectively binding him in place. Zachary uses his hematite ring to aid in casting this spell.
Type: Earth evocation, offensive block
Power: 5 shifts – 4 for effect, 1 for duration
Control: On the first round, roll Discipline plus appropriate specializations and focus items
Target: One target in line-of-sight, inflicting a block vs. movement
Duration: Two exchanges
Opposed by: Target’s Might skill. Magical blocks might be effective in the first round
Effect: The first round establishes the Block. Each round thereafter, the target rolls Might. If the roll fails to beat the spell’s effect (Great +4), the target suffers one shift of physical stress and is unable to move. This spell does not affect flying creatures.

Incendia Telum
Zachary’s standard fire attack spell. It sends a focused blast of flame at the target. Zachary uses the Sword of Dean to aid in casting this spell.
Type: Fire evocation, attack
Power: 5 shifts
Control: Roll Discipline, plus specializations and focus items, to control and as attack roll
Target: One target in line-of-sight, inflicting physical stress
Duration: One action
Opposed by: Target’s Athletics skill, magical blocks, or some other skill as determined in play

Mico Caecus
One of Zachary’s favorite spells, it requires an existing source of fire. The spell grabs hold of the fire and causes it to flare up blinding all in the target zone.
Type: Fire evocation, offensive maneuver
Power: 6 shifts – 4 for effect, 2 for area
Control: Roll Discipline plus appropriate specializations and focus items plus 2 for an aspect invocation
Target: All creatures in a zone within line-of-sight, inflicting a temporary aspect
Opposed by: Target’s Alertness
Effect: If the spell hits, the targets have the sticky Blinded by Fire temporary aspect applied.
Notes: This requires invoking a scene aspect like On Fire to pull off. Casting this spell causes two points of mental stress to Zachary.

Other Commonly Used Spells

Calx Parietis
Zachary uses this spell to break up a fight or slow down attackers. It creates a wall of stone that rises up from the floor.
Type: Earth evocation, defensive block
Power: 4 (or more) shifts – divide between effect, duration, and area
Control: Roll Discipline, plus specializations and focus items, to control and as attack roll
Duration: One (or more) exchanges
Effect: The spell creates a Zone Border within line-of-sight. The effect strength of the spell determines the strength of the Zone Border.

Incendia Orbis
Zachary’s standard area attack spell. It fills the target zone with fire.
Type: Fire evocation, attack
Power: 5 shifts – 3 for effect, 2 for area
Control: Roll Discipline, plus specializations and focus items, to control and as attack roll
Target: All targets in one zone within line-of-sight, inflicting physical stress
Duration: One action
Opposed by: Target’s Athletics skill, magical blocks, or some other skill as determined in play

Locus Thema
This spell reveals the as-the-crow-flies direction toward a particular person — and continues to do so as the caster travels toward the target. Scribe a circle, concentrate on a symbol, murmur some words of power—and bingo, you have a beacon leading you to your target.
Type: Thaumaturgy, divination
Complexity: Varies according to difficulty to perform equivalent Investigation, usually somewhere from 2 to 8
Duration: About one scene
Effect: Caster is led toward target
Variations: Add a shift or two of power to increase the duration. The required power might be increased, possibly significantly, if the target has wards or some other antidivination block in place. On the other hand, particularly potent symbolic links can be invoked as aspects to grant the caster a bonus.
Notes: This spell requires a symbolic link to the target—a hair, a drop of blood, a signature, a True Name, a valued personal possession, etc. This is a pretty quick and basic spell for a skilled caster; for low power levels, don’t bother rolling—it just works.

Valde Conscius
This spell increases Zachary’s awareness, allowing him to notice details he would otherwise overlook.
Type: Spirit evocation, defensive block
Power: 4 shifts – 3 for effect, 1 for duration
Control: Roll Discipline plus appropriate specializations and focus items
Target: Zachary typically casts this spell on himself.
Duration: 2 exchanges
Effect: This is actually a defensive block, but one that works by amping up Zachary’s awareness of his surroundings — subtle movements of air, surges of hostile intent, that sort of thing. One shift is put into duration, leaving a Good (+3) effect, which can be used in place of Alertness rolls.


Phase One: Background: Where did you come from?

Zachary grew up in a wealthy home. He went to the right schools, was taught by the right tutors, and spent summers in Europe. His grandfather, Samuel Dean, taught him to fence, ride a horse, and control his minor magical gift. Zachary drove himself to excel to earn his father’s love. In 2004, seventeen year old Zachary won an Olympic silver medal for fencing.

Aspect: Born to Wealth and Privilege

Phase Two: Rising Conflict: What shaped you?

Returning home from Athens, Zachary discovered that his life had completely changed. His father had been executed for violating the Laws of Magic. His father murdered his grandfather as part of a ritual to alter time. His mother had suffered a breakdown and was moving back to London to live with her brother. The family’s business was bankrupt and being broken up. And the civilian authorities were sifting through the family financial records.

Zachary’s father had been feeding off of Zachary’s potent magical gift for over a decade. With his father dead, Zachary’s magical gift quickly began returning to normal and he was taken in by an old friend of his grandfather – White Council Wizard Mark Alton. Mark trained Zachary in magic and arcane lore. Eventually Zachary was accepted as a trainee Warden and trained under Harry Dresden among others.

Aspect: The Laws Protect Us

Phase Three: Starring in The Sword of Dean

Shortly after Silver Spring, Zachary was searching for a place to live. When his storage unit was broken into, he investigated and tracked the thieves. His search lead him into a trap laid down by his ancestral enemy, Ivanka. Gregor had been told of the ambush and arrived in time to warn Zachary moments before the vampires attacked. The two wizards were able to ward off the ambush and track the surviving vampires to their lair.

Going to Glory for help required Zachary to open himself up to the Knight of Spring. He told her that the vampires had his family’s sword as well as a number of keepsakes that Zachary kept in memory of his grandfather.

With the help of Gregor and Glory, Zachary cleaned out the Black Court vampire lair. Ivanka, however, escaped after taunting Zachary. In the end, Zachary recovered his family’s sword and discovered its magical powers.

Guest Stars: Gregor Stroganov and Glory Anna White
Aspect: The Sword of Dean

Phase Four: Guest Starring in Silver Spring

Zachary had just arrived in Anchorage when he received an anonymous tip that an enraged fae was trying to kill a man. Rushing, Zachary discovered a winged fae armed with a sword chasing a seemingly unarmed man. Stepping in, he confronted the young woman and crossed swords with her thereby allowing Istaevan to escape. While his sword skills were superior, she was able to overcome him with her magic.

Glory explained the true situation to him and chastised him for interfering. Zachary was forced to swallow his pride and apologize. Yet there was something about the lovely young changeling that intrigued him, so Zachary has promised himself that he would make this up to her someday.

Aspect: Olympic Fencer

Phase Five: Guest Starring in Establishing The Under Grounds

When Alberich comes to him for help, Zachary jumps at the chance to start building connections to the magical community in Anchorage. He convinces the White Council to sponsor the Under Grounds as neutral territory. So Zachary finds himself working briefly with Jacob Sakeagak the Inupiaq Shaman and Oberon the Autumn King.

Aspect: Looking Out for the Little Guy

Zachary Dean

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