Sword of Dean

The Sword of Dean

weapon (melee)

The Sword of Dean (-1)

Description: You possess the Dean family sword. Currently carried by Zachary Dean.

Musts: You must be a direct descendent of Edmund Dean and have both Conviction and Weapons of Good or better.

Even the Odds: The sword grants its wielder the ability to see in darkness, a +2 bonus to Alertness and Investigation checks related to black court vampires, and the supernatural power Inhuman Speed as long as he carries the sword. Furthermore the sword was created with materials and blessings that satisfy the Catch of a black court vampire.

It’s a Sword: The Sword of Dean is a sword. As such it is a Weapon: 2.

Unbreakable: As an Item of Power, it cannot be broken, save through dedicated magical ritual predicated upon perverting its purpose.

Discount Already Applied: As an Item of Power, the sword already includes the one-time discount (YS 167). This means that if the character possesses more than one Item of Power, the one-time discount will not apply on that second item. If the Sword of Dean is the second or subsequent artifact the character gains, the refresh cost is -3.


Forged and enchanted by Edmund Dean in 1595AD, the sword was created to help in his fight against Nastasja, a Black Court Vampire. Ultimately Edmund slew Nastasja, but one of her children escaped. Throughout the centuries, this vampire, Ivanka Polsky, has caused problems for the Dean family several times.

Sword of Dean

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