The Under Grounds

The Coffee Shop Itself

The Under Grounds is a Mining themed coffee shop which shares a parking lot with Sourdough Mining Company. It is owned and run by Alberich Erdgeist.

The old timey theme with it’s hand crank coffee grinder and old mechanical cash register is more than just a practicality for the magic practitioners. It’s actually proved to be a fun draw for the magical and non-magical tourists alike.

While the shop is never packed full, it does a healthy enough trade to keep itself afloat… usually… well the landlord has never had to come himself to try to collect rent.

Needless to say, the coffee is well above average, if you don’t mind waiting the extra time it takes to make it ‘the old fashioned way’.

Neutral Territory

The Under Grounds has been accorded Neutral Territory. Under the accords no one may fight or ambush anyone else while on the property. Also, should the shop ever be attacked everyone nearby, who is bound by the accords, must defend it.

The three sponsors who helped establish ‘The Under Grounds’ are:

  1. Zachary Dean Warden of the White Council
  2. Glory Anna White Kight of the Spring Court
  3. Oberon (Faerie King) of the Autumn Court


Alberich Erdgeist originally started the coffee shop as a place where the supernatural community could come to find help or sanctuary. He became known for not turning away anyone, no matter their nature. Since being accorded Neutral status the amount of people and creatures coming to The Under Grounds for help has been steadily increasing.

Currently, a large portion of the clientele are fairies of the Autumn Court. Until Alberich Erdgeist completes three tasks for the King of Autumn all fairies of the Autumn Court get free coffee.


The Under Grounds

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