Lars Olson


High Concept: Werewolf High Priest
Trouble: Family man and pillar of the community
Templates: Were-creature, True Believer

Human Form Skills
Great: Conviction, Presence, Might
Good: Fists, Endurance, Rapport
Fair: Empathy, Athletics, Alertness, Survival
Average: Guns, Driving, Lore, Stealth, Resources, Craftsmanship

Wolf Form Skills
Superb: Fists, Athletics
Great: Endurance, Alertness
Good: Survival, Stealth
Fair: Might, Conviction, Presence
Average: Driving, Intimidate, Investigation, Disciplin, Empathy

Mortal Stunt: Tower of Faith [-1] (pg. 150)
“Strongly held beliefs enable you to protect your mind from the aggression of others.
Provided you get a chance to pray or otherwise call upon your faith, gain Armor:1
against any social or mental stress in a scene.”

Supernatural Abilities [-8] refresh
Beast Change: Wolf [-1]
• Inhuman Speed [-2] (pg. 178)
• Inhuman Strength [-2] (pg. 183)
• Claws [-1] (pg. 162)
Echoes of the Beast [-1] (pg. 163)
Human Form [+1] (pg. 176)
Bless This House [-1] (pg. 187)
Guide My Hand [-1] (pg. 187)


Phase One (Background):

Lars Olson grew up in Anchorage, the son of an oil field worker and a school teacher. His early life was quite normal and his childhood a happy one. In high school, Lars was athletic and outdoorsy. He was a member of ROTC. He also began to experiment with Asatru, a pagan religion cleaving to the traditions of Lars’ Scandinavian roots. The first time Lars changed into what he would later call “the Wolf”, he was on a trek in the environs of Flat-top mountain, searching for a place to worship surrounded by natural grandeur. What might have passed for an adolescent venture was turned to ardent faith. Throughout high school, Lars continued to “worship” in his own way, while steeping himself in his religions’ values of courage and honor. When he graduated, he enlisted in the Alaska National Guard.

Phase Aspect: “Valhalla awaits me, when I die.”

Phase two (Rising Conflict):
Out of the Guard, Lars married his high school sweetheart, Margot, and shortly afterwards their first child, Astrid was born. Around the same time, he began connecting with the small but tight-knit community of Asatruar in Anchorage. As was his nature, he also became civically active in his community.

At the time, a new corporation was receiving rave reviews in the media for the investment they were pumping into Anchorages’ economy. They had recently begun funding expensive public works, and were proposing further massive infrastructure developments that would jumpstart Alaska’s plateauing economy. Alarmed at the Anchorage Assemblies eagerness to lap at the hand of a new would-be master, Lars began attending assembly meetings.

At one of these meetings, while the politicians waxed poetic, the corporate types stroked egos, and the public swooned, Lars noticed someone off to the side surreptitiously observing events. The individual could have passed for a corporate lawyer, but to Lars’s enhanced senses, something just seemed off about the character, as if he wasn’t fully formed. What’s more, he literally didn’t smell right! It was nothing Lars could call attention to, or even put into words, but the man made the hair on the back of his neck stand up and he wanted to growl.

At the conclusion of the meeting, Lars followed the man as he and a member of the assembly left the building. Following their limozine in wolf form, Lars raced through Anchorages streets to keep up. Finally, rounding the bend into an alley in the shadow of a swanky apartment building, Lars saw the man and the assemblyman out of the car and locked in a struggle. Without taking time to observe things, Lars charged forward and ripped into the lawyer’s leg; but with dawning horror, found that he’d arrived too late, and the lawyer had his teeth sunk into the assemblyman’s throat.

Wheeling around for another pass, Lars was confronted with something out of a nightmare. As the monster cum lawyer turned to face his attacker, the veil fell away from his blood-spattered face to reveal the walking cadaver beneath. Lars heedlessly charged again, but the vampire was blindingly fast and managed to side-step Lars to deliver a bone-cracking kick wrapped in Italian leather to his ribs, sending Lars flying into a heap of trash bags.

Lars awoke a few minutes later to find the limozene gone and the corpse of the assemblyman his only company. Lars had interrupted the vampires’ attempts to turn the politician, so he’d just left him where he’d fallen. Shaken and confused, Lars limped out of the alley to find shelter.

Licking his wounds, Lars watched with dread as the news covered the grisly death of an assemblyperson. Several witnesses said they saw a timber wolf fleeing the scene, causing uproar. People were searching for any signs of wolves in the city, and to make matters worse, the Corporation named the next project in honor of the fallen politician. Lars now knew why his gods had given him the gift of “the Wolf”, but he also knew he’d need allies if he was to confront this unnatural threat to his town.

Phase Aspect: “The Wolf is a gift from my ancestral gods”

Phase Three (The Story): “A New Moon”

With supernatural threats and the birth of his son looming large on the horizon, Lars goes in search of friends to help weather the storm. Can he succeed when confronted with the subtle menace and well laid plans of the Black Court Vamps? Can he convince his fellow were-creatures that he’s not a slavering murderer, and harbinger of ruin? Will his wife tan his mangy hide for skipping out on the birth of their son Leif?

Phase Aspect: “A Good Nose for B.S.”

Phase Four (guest stars in): White Haze

Further cementing his ties to the supernatural community of Anchorage, Lars is contacted by Al and Gregor, who ask him to craft a mystic “safe house” for the wizard in his attempt to break the grasp Madison Skavis has on his soul. Lars is always ready to help someone sever the bonds that enslave them, and doughty allies are always welcome, but what is the White Court? Lars’ world is rapidly expanding, but so to, the constellation of threats arrayed against the good folk of Anchorage.

Phase Aspect: (tentative) “Black Court, White Court and Fae… Oh my”

Phase Five (Guest Star Redux): White Winter

Lars is flush with success in his confrontation with Madison Skavis and the White Court. Eager to prosecute his vendetta against supernatural parasites of all stripes, Lars is introduced to Jacob Sagaiagak by Albrecht. Having some experience with the insidious power the despair-drinkers wield, Lars was able to help Jacob sniff out their influence on the indigent of Anchorage as well as in city hall. Lars, more accustomed to the ebb and flow of natural surroundings, finds through his dealings with Jacob and his wards that the city has a lifecycle wherin “the Wolf” might feel more at home than expected.

Phase Aspect: (tentative) “The streets have a pulse all their own”

Lars Olson

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