William Aaronson

Financial Heir Returning to Family Roots



  • High Concept: Adventurous Heir
  • Trouble: In Over His Head
  • Other Aspects: Family Lore, Dilettante, Stately Restwood Manor,


  • Great: Resources, Contacting, Presence
  • Good: Rapport, Empathy, Weapons
  • Fair: Athletics, Conviction, Deceit, Endurance
  • Average: Scholarship, Guns, Investigation, Lore, Craftsmanship, Driving

Mortal Stunts [-8 Refresh, +2 Pure Mortal]

  • Best Foot Forward: People just like you, especially when you’re deliberately trying to make a good first impression (YS 138). You gain a +1 on your roll to make a good first impression, and failing that roll cannot give you a negative temporary aspect or make the situation worse.
  • Lush Lifestyle: Your wealth is well-established and robust, making you the man or woman who has everything. Normally, someone may be assumed to have an item that costs two steps less than his Resources without having to seek it out and buy it, assuming that it makes sense for him to have attained it previously. In your case, it’s any item equal to or less than your Resources.
  • Riposte: On a successful defense with Weapons, you may sacrifice your next action to turn that defense into an immediate and automatically successful attack. Your attacker must be within range of your weapon, and if you’re mounting a full defense (page 199) you do not get the benefit of the +2 bonus when your defense roll converts to an attack roll.
  • Sex Appeal: Folks attracted to people of your gender cannot help but notice you. You’ve got “it.” Receive a +2 to the roll on any seduction attempts you make with Rapport, provided that the target is someone who could be receptive to your advances.
  • The Social Graces: Keen awareness of the ebb and flow of social situations makes you the master of your circumstances. When determining initiative in a social conflict, gain +2 to Empathy.
  • Teflon Persona: It’s difficult to make you look bad in social conflicts. Provided that the people present are aware of who you are, you gain Armor:1 against any social attacks.
  • The Weight of Reputation: Your reputation is such that it puts you in an easy position of power. People in power are good at scaring folks who aren’t. You may use your Presence instead of Intimidation to scare someone, provided the target knows of you and your “rep.”
  • Windfall: You’re occasionally able to tap into more Resources than usual, such as cashing out stocks or receiving a periodic disbursement from a trust fund. Once per adventure, you may spend a fate point to make a single Resources roll at +4.

Name: William Aaronson

Will Aaronson is the owner of a large manor called Restwood.

Phase 1: Background: Where did you come from?
The first Will Aaronson came to Alaska and made his first fortune during the gold rush at the turn of the century. He made a name for himself for always being able to turn any misfortune into good luck and any worthless piece of land into a profit. He made his second fortune when he brought the railroads to Anchorage. In Alaska, his name was synonymous with wealth and fortune. Soon though, he left Alaska and never came back.
The second Will Aaronson was the great-grandson of the first. He grew in New York City surrounded with luxury and wanted for nothing. His fondest memories though, were of the tales his great-grandfather would tell him of the Alaskan frontier. The wild tall tales were filled with monsters, magic and wonders. Despite his father and grandfather’s attempts to make him understand out the ‘real world’ worked and disabuse of the fantasies spun by his great-grandfather, Will continued to visit great-grandfather to hear more tales.
Aspect: Family Lore

Phase 2: Rising Conflict: What shaped you?
As Will grew older, he was sent off to the finest boarding schools for his formal education. However, he had an innate wildness and wanderlust that kept getting him into trouble. His father and grandfather despaired that he had ‘too much of his great-grandfather in him’. Even when he graduated and got into the family business, he typically ignored conventional wisdom and took great risks with his investment ventures. Luckily, they always paid off. However, he never seemed able to settle on any one field of investment.
Aspect: Dilettante
Phase 3: The Story: What was your first adventure?
Cleansing Restwood
At the reading of his great-grandfather’s will, Will learned of some bizarre entailments on the businesses he was going to inherit. His great-grandfather, who had managed to outlive his own son and grandson, had explicitly stated in the will that none of his properties or businesses could be sold off until a certain mansion in Anchorage had been sold first. Will’s father and grandfather had tried for decades to sell it unsuccessfully; buyers always pulled out soon after expressing interest.
Will came to Anchorage to finally unload the property for good. He found the large mansion, commonly known as ‘Rustwood’ among the populous because of rust color the fallen pine needles had stained the outside, that was in remarkably good shape, despite being abandoned for ages. He was so busy exploring the mansion, that he didn’t notice the hour growing late and decided to stay there instead of driving back to the hotel.
That night, Will ran into a strange, yet beautiful young woman in the house with him. She was obviously a Native American woman, although she wore vintage early-twentieth century clothing. She claimed her name was Adine Aarsonson. Before he could get anymore out of her, she seemed to sense something amiss and told him to hide. From where he hid, he saw black tendrils rise out of the dark corners of the room and pull her screaming into the shadows.
The next he did some research into Restwood and his great-grandfather. He found references to a wife and pictures that looked remarkably like Adine. None of the newspapers mentioned what happened to her, just that she disappeared and his great-grandfather left Alaska soon afterwards.
Will was approached by some mystics who told him more about his past and of Restwood. Together, they learned that dark fae had killed his great-grandfather’s first wife and used her torment to open a portal to the Nevernever in the basement. The group was able to banish the dark fae and close the portal, but Adine ended up staying anchored to the mansion.
Afterwards, Will decided that Anchorage was an interesting place and he wouldn’t mind putting down roots here… at least temporarily.
Aspect: Stately Restwood Manor
Phase 4: Guest Starring: Whose path have you crossed?
Guest Starring in:
Phase 5: Guest Starring: Whose else’s path have you crossed?
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William Aaronson

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